Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023

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Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023

Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023 notification for Federal Government employees for 2023. From BPS-01 to BPS-16, all government employees will be eligible for a scale and post title upgrade. All Pakistani technical and non-technical employees will be affected by the upgrade. The summary of the employees’ upgrade has been sent to Pakistan’s Prime Minister for approval. The summary has been approved by PM Shahbaz Sharif, according to media sources, and an upgrade notification will be issued shortly.
The upgrade will be identical to the upgrade that was implemented in KPK. Congratulations to all federal employees who will take advantage of the one-scale or two-scale upgrade.
Upgrading the Most Recent News Update on February 14, 2023: On February 14, 2023, the final notification regarding the upgradation and timetable for employees in the federal government with BPS-01 to BPS-16 has been issued.

Upgradation of Federal Employees BPS-01 To BPS-16 Notification 2023

The incumbents in BPS-01 to BPS-05 will be granted two higher pay scales as one time dispensation, if they have not availed of time scale under the Time Scale policy-2022. The undersigned is directed to convey that the Prime Minister has been pleased to grant approval to the grant of special dispensation for the Civil Servants (BPS-1 to BPS-15) in the Federal Government in accordance with the following pattern. However, their fundamental pay scales will not be altered.
  1. If they have used a time scale under the Time Scale Policy-2022, employees in BPS-01 to BPS-05 will receive a single time dispensation of a higher pay scale. However, their fundamental pay scales will not be altered.
  2. If they have not utilized the time scale provided by the Time Scale Policy-2022, incumbents in BPS-06 to BPS-15 will receive the subsequent higher scale as a one-time dispensation. However, their fundamental pay scales will not be altered.
  3. As a one-time dispensation, employees in BPS-06 to BPS-15 who have already benefited from the time scale under the Time Scale Policy-2022 will only receive one additional increment of their current pay scale.
  4. As a one-time dispensation, employees in BPS-16 will receive one additional increment.
  5. Along with the incumbents, the Lower Division Clerk position will be elevated to BPS-11, and the Upper Division Clerk position will be elevated to BPS-13. In accordance with upgrading policy, the Establishment Division will modify the Recruitment Rules.
The following restrictions will apply to the aforementioned special dispensations:
  1. Only Civil Servants of the Federal Government with Disparity Reduction Allowances who are in BPS-01 to BPS-16 (excluding employees paid out of Defence Estimates) are eligible for the exemption.
  2. An employee who is currently receiving BPS-17 pay in any way is ineligible for this exemption.
  3. Employees who take advantage of this dispensation will be considered to have lost their one chance to receive a higher time scale under the Time Scale Policy-2022.
  4. Except for LDC/UDC positions, there will be no promotions under this arrangement.
  5. Under this arrangement, granting a higher pay scale does not allow for an early raise.
  6. Under this arrangement, the recipient of the higher pay scale will continue to receive benefits like allowances and perks. rewarded for their own substantial pay scale. A civil servant typically earns the substantive pay scale on a regular basis through initial appointment, promotion, or transfer appointment.
  7. LDCs and UDCs whose positions have been upgraded in accordance with paragraph 1(f) will not be eligible for the exemption at paragraphs 1(c) and (d).
  8. In the case of the President’s Secretariat (Public), President’s Secretariat (Personal), Prime Minister’s Office (Public), and Prime Minister’s Office (Internal), the phrase “and who are in receipt of Disparity Reduction Allowances” shall be omitted.
  9. These exemptions will come into effect on January 1, 2023.
  10. Anomaly Committee will be notified by Finance Division to address issues brought about by this dispensation; the Committee’s decision is final. However, the Prime Minister must approve the Anomaly Committee’s recommendation for any changes to this arrangement.
Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023
On February 9, 2023, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a notification regarding Special Dispensation for Civil Servants in the Federal Secretariat for employees in BS-01 through BS-16.
The Prime Minister is pleased to report the following:
  1. Due to their job description, employees holding ministerial posts in various offices cannot be the basis for creating inconsistencies in their service structure by receiving different allowances, which would otherwise be frozen at certain levels;
  2. The employees of the Offices mentioned in paragraph 15 of the summary were not eligible for the Disparity Reduction Allowance that was granted to Federal Secretariat employees. As a result, the employees of the Federal Secretariat and the two offices above may only differ slightly in terms of pay. The employees of these offices stand to lose out if the benefits of the new service structure are not made available to them;
  3. Due to the protection afforded by section 3 of the Civil Servants Act of 1973, any discrimination in the employment structure of employees is also likely to be challenged in court.
As a result, the Prime Minister is pleased to reaffirm his earlier directives in paragraph 15 of the summary.
Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023

Upgradation of Federal Government Employees 2023 Latest News
The Prime Minister of Pakistan has finally approved the summary of upgradation for Federal Government employees who are working as technical or non-technical. The employees working from BPS-01 to BPS-05 are awarded two pay-scale upgradations and only one scale increase for the employees BPS-06 to BPS-15.

Pay-Scale Upgradation
BPS-01 to BPS-05 Two Pay Scale
BPS-06 to BPS-15 One Pay Scale

According to the summary, the LDC (Lower Division Clerk) will be upgraded from BSP-09 to BPS-11 has been approved. The Upper Division Clerk (UDC) will be upgraded from BSP-11 to BPS-14. 
The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has already implemented the Upgradation as which the Federal Government summary has been approved. The initiative of the Upgradation of Federal Government employees has been taken according to the commitment with AGEGA (All Government Employees Grand Alliance).
All those Federal Government employees Grade-1 to Grade-5 who have not been awarded any time scale after passing service tenure of 10 years would increase two pay scales. The employees of Grade-6 to Grade-15 will be awarded only one scale upgradation. 
One raise will be given to each worker with BPS-16. Only employees of the Pakistani Federal Government are eligible for these advancements.
Upgradation will not be granted to you if you already receive the Disparity Reduction Allowance while employed in the Defense Force. Because of the Disparity Allowance that has already been granted, this also prevents the PM Office employees from being upgraded.
From BPS-17 to BPS-22, no government civil servants will be considered for Upgradation. The notification will be put into effect in January 2023, and it will be issued very soon.

UDC Salary

  1. Basic Pay Rs. 18,650
  2. Medical Allowance. 1500
  3. Adhoc Relief. 1000+
  4. C. Allowance 2850
  5. Performance Allowance FBR. 6600
  6. Fixed Incentive. 4500
  7. Medical A. 1500
  8. House Rent. 1580
  9. Other Annual increased / Budget Adhoc Allowances. 3000
Sr.no     Allowance                                     Amount
1             Basic pay                                         18,650
2     Convey Allowance 2005                              2856
3         Fixed TA/DA                                          8800
7     Adhoc Relief All 2022 15%              2750
8     Utility Allowance 25%                          6125
9    Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%)  9500
10     House Rent Ceiling                                  9000
12     Medical Allowance                                  1500
13     FIA Allowance 20%                                  3500
14     Anti-On Crime Allow 50%                          8250
GPF Subscription: 1021
Benevlfund: 366:
Income Tax: 114
Deductions: 1,471.00 –
Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023

Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification 2023

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