Latest Government of Sindh Health Department Jobs 2024

The Government of Sindh is making strides in enhancing healthcare support programs in the province by securing interest from the International Development Association (IDA), a branch of the World Bank, to fund the project directorate for the National Health Support Program. This collaboration is set to significantly enhance healthcare efforts throughout Sindh, emphasizing commitment to repayment terms and individual consultancy services obtained for the project.

Contractual Arrangements and Consultant Services

The contracted services include:

Program Directorate (PD)
Role: Program Director (PPS-11)
Additional Program Directorate (APD)
Role: Additional Program Director (PPS-10)
Public Health Specialists
Role: Public Health Specialist (PPS-10)
Management Information System (MIS)
Role: MIS Officer (PPS-9)
Commissioning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialists
Role: Commissioning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialist (PPS-9)
Logistics Management Specialist
Role: Logistics Management Specialist (PPS-9)
Procurement and Finance
Role: Procurement and Finance Officer (PPS-9)
Inventory Auditor
Role: Inventory Auditor (PPS-9)
Associate Investigator (AI)
Role: Associate Investigator (PPS-8)
MIS Reviewer
Role: MIS Reviewer (PPS-7)
Research Associate
Role: Research Associate (PPS-7)
Data Analysts
Role: Data Analyst (PPS-6)
Communication Officer
Role: Communication Officer (PPS-6)
Security Staff
Roles: Guard, Security Supervisor, Center Worker (PPS-1)

Experience and Skills Requirements

Candidates are expected to possess varying levels of experience and skill sets, including:

Medical Background: MBBS, MAS, MPHMBA/MSPH with a minimum of 15 years of experience in national and provincial-level health projects, and collaboration with international agencies like WE/ADB/UN.
Policy Management: Minimum of 10 years of experience in MBBS or related fields, focusing on health policies, project implementation, and strategic planning.
Public Health and Social Sciences: At least 10 years of experience in public or private sectors, with expertise in social sciences, SBCCIEC, and master’s degrees in relevant disciplines.
Information Technology: Master’s degree with 15 years of experience in IT or computer science, particularly in EMR and HMIS, along with networking and system management skills.
Communication and Reporting: 12 years of experience in media communication, public administration, or related fields, with proficiency in report writing and analytical skills.
Economics and Management: Master’s degrees in economics, public administration, or relevant fields, with 10 years of experience in financial management, procurement, and project audits.

Application Process and Deadline

Interested candidates must submit their applications with relevant documents by June 21, 2024. Interviews will be conducted for shortlisted applicants, with no TA/DA provided. Existing government employees are encouraged to apply through proper channels.


In summary, the National Health Support Program in Sindh offers a significant opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the advancement of healthcare services in the region. With a rigorous selection process and a range of positions available, this initiative aims to leverage the expertise of professionals across various disciplines to effectively achieve its objectives.

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