Provision of Interest Free Loan for Purchasing of House & Car to the Sindh


The Government of Sindh, through the Services, General Administration & Coordination Department, has issued a notification on May 8, 2024, regarding the provision of interest-free loans for purchasing houses and cars in Sindh. This loan proposal is specifically for the Secretariat Employees of Sindh.

Here are the details:

  • Loan Purpose: For the purchase of Housing and a Motorcar.
  • Eligibility: Limited to Secretariat Employees of Sindh.
  • Request for Comments: The President, SSO/WA, has submitted an application requesting interest-free loans for House & Car purchase for Sindh Secretariat Employees. Comments are requested for further necessary action.
  • Other Department Employees’ Requests: Employees from other departments in Sindh have also expressed interest in being included in this interest-free loan scheme for houses and motorcars. However, comments are still required, and the Government will make a decision at a later stage based on feedback received.

The matter is being forwarded for information and action to the concerned authorities, including the PS to Secretary (GA), SGA&CD, Government of Sindh, Karachi, and the Office Order File.

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